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Get Your Kicks

Get Your Kicks




Prairie Wind Flowers

Prairie Wind Flowers




The Nose Knows

The Nose Knows




Quilty Quotes

Quilty Quotes

Make as gifts or hang in your home. These can be made as small quiltled wallhangings or framed in a standard 11 x 14" frame.



By The NUmbers

By The Numbers


You can make this baby quilt with one color such as red work or you can do multiple colors. Finished size is 44 x 56".



Splitting Image

Splitting Image

This quilt is made up of two very simple blocks, square in a square and court house steps. Then you sew them together and you get a brand new block. Fun and easy! Plus there are no seams to match until you sew your blocks together. Finished quilt size: 92" X 96" Designed by Vicky Lawrence





Fun way to spice up a traditional nine patch.
Size : 86" x 104"



Even Squares can have a ball

Iddy Biddy Fiddy

"Down in the meadow in an iddy pool. Swam three little fiddies and a mommy fiddy too." Woohoo, what a hoot that old 40's song is. Now you can create the little fiddies on a quilt for an iddy biddy friend. Finished quilt size: 48 3/4" X 59 1/2" Designed by Vicky Lawrence




Knotty Stars

These lovely stars are surrounded by borders that interweave together. Finished quilt size: 83 1/2" X 103 1/4" Designed by Vicky Lawrence



Even Squares can have a ball

Border Line

This quilt is a fast quilt to make since you only have to piece every other row (or column). You will need a border print to make a quilt similar to the one pictured. Designed by Vicky Lawrence
Finished quilt size: 80 1/2" X 100 1/2"




Mystic Pines

Just when you thought it was safe to go into the woods again--here's a quilt that you can cozy up with in your cabin. Designed by Vicky Lawrence Finished quilt size: 88" X 102"



Even Squares can have a ball

Even Squares Can Have A Ball

Ok, I know that by having this book, you are really ready to have some fun with these quilts. The patterns are all based on squares or rectangles to make the cutting and piecing more fun and VERY fast. Let your imagination and the fun colors dance through these quilt projects. Ballroom Ties quilt size: 81" X 101" Dancing in the Stars quilt size: 88" X 100" Limbo Dance quilt size: 86" x 98" - 51" X 76" Twist and Shout quilt size: 88" X 104" - 56" X 72"




Lodge Weekends

A fun and easy quilt. The motifs are included in the pattern and can be used as quilting lines or appliqued onto the blank rectangles. Size 85" X 105"




Lit From Within

Quilts featuring the idea of being lit from the center out to the edges. Four quilts included in this book.


Toppers for the Seasons

This book contains layouts and instructions for four table toppers which represent the four seasons. There are also instructions for three accessories.


Scrap Assassin Saves The Day!

Scrap Assassin Saves the Day is a book containing four patterns in various sizes for quilts. It is designed to use up a stash but yardages are giving for using new fabrics. Click on the image to see more images from the book.


Irish Tulip

This quilt pattern will bring a cozy feeling to your bedroom. You can do either the scalloped edge or leave it straight. Finish size is 80" x 96".



Measuring 86" x 98", this lovely quilt on your bed will brighten up the room as the shading of the figures seems to glow! The quilt is pieced very much like a counted cross stitch, while the borders are strip pieced. This pattern makes a very easy and quick quilt.


Star Dance

Smaller stars dance around on this quilt while larger star points encircle them. Finished size is 99" x 102".


Scrap Assassin Strikes Again

The scraps were unruly in my sewing room & threatening to overtake it. They were running around the room & multiplying at an alarming rate! So I hired the Scrap Assassin again to gain control. If you are using your scraps, you will need light & darks for this pieced quilt that is available in three sizes: baby quilt (40" x 52"), TV throw (52" x 70") and queen size bed quilt (82" x 94").


Tulip Tango

Let these tulips dance around your cabin! Measuring 83" x 100", this quilt is strip pieced for the log cabin blocks & the flower centers. The outer flower petals are dimensionally laid over the log cabin blocks.


Scrap Assassin Returns

The scraps were unruly in my sewing room & threatening to overtake it. They were running around the room & multiplying at an alarming rate! So I hired the Scrap Assassin once again to gain control. If you are using your scraps, you will need greens & flower colors for this pieced quilt that is available in three sizes: baby quilt (49" x 59"), TV throw (59" x 69") and queen size bed quilt (89" x 99").


Lotus Illusion

Measuring 86" x 98", let these lovely lotus blossoms & buds float across your quilt & into your dreams. While the background is pieced, use the applique method you prefer for the flowers.


Scrap Assassin

My fabric stash was conspiring behind my back and multiplying unnoticed. Eventually it became totally unruly and was threatening to attack me. So I hired the "Scrap Assassin" to come to my house and tame this wild bunch! If you are feeling threatened by your stash, let the Scrap Assassin help. The sashes & borders are from one color to pull the quilt together. Available in three sizes: Baby quilt is 41" x 50"; TV Throw is 59" x 68"; and Queen size is 86" x 95".


Sierra Sunrise

Let the soft sunrise wash gently over the mounatin peaks and mesa borders of this quilt as you slumber. Measuring 90" x 120", Sierra Sunrise can be pieced without templates, but includes instructions for paper foundation piecing the blocks. Mornings will be more pleasant under a Sierra Sunrise!


Trip Around the Block

Created with simple Four Patch blocks and plain squares, this Trip Around the Block quilt is fun and easy to make. Measuring 86" x 104", this quilt reminds us not to overlook the treasures close to home!


Northern Brights

Use scraps or plan your fabrics to create the large and small star images that bring Northern Brights to life. Measuring 89" x 113", this quilt is made from 2 simple squares. Finished block size is 6" x 6". So have fun creating your own night sky!


Mountain Lily

Enjoy the mountain lilies appliqued down the center to form bouquets or as ribbons and flowers along each side. Measuring 94" x 110", the mountains on this quilt are strip pieced for ease. Finished block size is 10" x 8".


Autumn Riot
$ 7.50

Do you remember raking the yard just so you could jump into the pile or leaves? Well now you can jump onto this quilt! Autumn Riot is a fusible applique design that features the bright, colorful leaves of four different autumn trees: Red Bud, Oak, Sassafras and Sweet Gum. Measuring 85" x 96", this beautiful fall quilt is quite easy and lots of fun; a perfect way to warm your cabin when the cold winds blow.


Starry Pathways

Decorate your home with Starry Pathways filled with ribbons and stars. Measuring 88" x 107", this delightful quilt is easier than it looks with its combination of two blocks (Stars & Crosses) - each in two different sizes - 9" x 18" and 12" x 18". Pieced together in vertical rows, you'll be surprised how easy it is once you get started. Shown in two colorways, you'll only need four fabrics to create your own Starry Pathways.


Misty Sentinel

Using a combination of Storm at Sea blocks with a magnificent lighthouse perched on the edge of the sea, Misy Sentinel is perfect for those who love these pround beacons from our past. Choose a combination of blues, purples, and greens for your sea blocks with three different light fabrics for your lighthouse. Pattern includes foundation papers for the Storm at Sea blocks used in this table runner. You can use traditional or fusible applique techniques for the lighthouse on the runner and placemats. Many a sailor owes his life to the Misty Sentinel and we are pleased to bring one to your table.


Leaf Promenade

Leaf Promenade invites you to enjoy the falling leaves of autumn as they dance around your quilt. Available in three sizes, this love quilt features curves that are very gentle and easy to piece with a richly-colored collection of fat quarters, scraps, and assorted prints. Choose from a wall hanging (16" x 24"), throw quilt (64" x 72"), or queen size bed quilt (88" x 96") for your Leaf Promenade quilt.


Celtic Wedding Rings

These Celtic Wedding Rings weave over and under just like Celtic knots. Measuring 86" x 112", this quilt is made from three basic blocks - it's the color placement that gives it "something special". Full instructions and diagrames included.


Nature's Marathon

Who says that flying geese only fly in a straight line? Certainly these geese don't conform to the straight and narrow! This pattern is paper foundation pieced for accurate points and measures 82" x 102". All foundation papers are included as well as a full-size applique layout if you prefer that method. Paper foundation experience helpful, but not necessary. Let these geese fly their path over your quilt from one season to the next.


Garden Path

Enjoy the flowers drifting along this modified drunkard's path. So they will be adrift on the garden path. Instructions are included for a TV throw (65" x 75") and in Queen (88" x 101").


Batik Bouquet

The Batik Bouquet is designed to resemble a vase and flowers, rather than the basket. Batik fabric lends itself to the popular watercolor look and it can be fun to collect the different batik fabrics, which can be repeated in this pattern. Measuring 85" x 112", traditional fabrics can also be used for a scrap quilt look.


Springtime In The Mountains

Inspired by the beautiful columbines that bloom each spring in the mountains, this quilt measures 95" x 115". Since the mountains are created by using a random placing of the five colors, you must construct at least 5 blocks at a time. Enjoy the coming beauty in the mountains as you make this quilt as well as the promise of spring to come when you need to use it!


Fractured Diamonds

Like prisms of color floating through space, these Fractured Diamonds are suspended in time - crashing and overlapping into each other. As a wall hanging (40" x 60") or full quilt (87" x 104") let your imagination run wild with the colors and fabrics you choose for this pattern. The sky is the limit!


Irish Cabin

Featuring Queen and King size patterns, the Irish Cabin quilt is designed by superimposing and Irish Chain pattern over a Log Cabin pattern. This quick and easy quilt is strip pieced and can be made smaller, as long as you keep the blocks to an even number to keep the patterns centered.


Mystery Quilt

Measuring 52" x 67", this quilt is the perfect size to use as a TV throw, so pick your colors according to its use. Pattern includes full instructions & diagrams for completion. The mystery is what you decide to make it!


American Coverlet

Available in single, queen, and king sizes, the American Coverlet quilt is reminiscent of the Early American quilts woven by itinerant craftsmen for families in the countryside. Each finished block is a 13 1/2" square based on a Nine Patch format, from the small block sections to the large block itself. Pattern includes full instructions for all three sizes.


Prairie Night Sunburst

Available in four sizes (wall to king), Prairie Night Starburst celebrates the special beauty of night on the prairie. There are no other lights to compete with the stars and they put on quite a show. This starburst quilt is created by the sashing joining the offset log cabin blocks and the pattern is template free. An easy quilt to make since it is mostly strip piecing. Prairie Night Starburst brings the night sky inside.




Intangible Trellis

Inspired by a very old pattern of 'Interlocking Chains', we added a new twist by placing the chain over a flower garden and making it look like a medallion. These gentle curves are easily pieced and the pattern includes full instructions. Measuring 95" x 106", you may want to add this lovely garden to your bedroom!


Patchwork Posies

Instead of 4-leaf clovers, this quilt uses 4-heart posies to remind you of a simpler time - to return you to your childhood and those trips to visit a special aunt or grandmother. Using traditional applique, Patchwork Posies includes full instructions for a straight or scalloped border as well as full-size patterns. This quilt pattern includes two sizes: 42" x 58" or 84" x 104". Can't you smell the chocolate chip cookies now?!


North By North

With a traditional feathered star at its center, North By North measures 84" x 104" and is designed for your bed by making the star taller. Sewn in quarter sections for easier piecing, this quilt will be the goal of any mariner as they look to the stars for guidance.


Feathered Star

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Santa Fe Bouquet

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